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Hide Up. Forum Settings Forums. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Hello peepz! I am searching for an anime that is like this: There is a popular girl in this anime that is very mean to the nerdy boy.


Most of its main characters are female otaku living together in an apartment building, and their interests range from trains to obscure Three Kingdoms trivia. Japan's hottest rockers are also Visual Prison is ready to find its bloodthirsty fans! Anime series that try to draw comedy out of otaku characters are pretty common, but ones that actually hit the mark are few and far between. This Week in Anime - Carboloading with Yakitate!! These shows know that no matter what their hobbies are, people are just people.

RightStuf - Anime, Manga and More. The new seas The Fall Preview Guide Oct 8, comments. Before Food Wars! Anime series about nerds aren't going away any time soon it looks there are several on tap for the upcoming fall seasonbut the key to making these shows work will always be a solid understanding of the characters' humanity and why they care so much about the hobbies they love.

Old members graduate, new onesand the focus of the Anime nerd guy slowly evolves in line with otaku culture in the real world. This is another case where the characters' hobbies are defining parts of who they are, but there's more to their lives than just being a nerd. AJ from the Cartoon Cipher looks at the latest anime dubs to find the ones most worth your time, whether its teen romance, mecha battles, or time-travelling gangsters.

or Register forgot it? Titles that miss the point either go too far by holding these nerd characters up for ridicule or play it too safe by presenting an idealized image that panders to their intended audience. I'm AJ from the Cartoon Cipher and the seasons are beginning to change, lets see if we can recommend even more anime dubs for you all to enjoy. As silly as the premise of Girls und Panzer may be, the writing displays a geeky love and genuine enthusiasm for the tanks that appear in the story.

This series is streaming o Dragon Goes House-Hunting Oct 6, 5 comments. Game Reviews Columns incl. Features Reviews Columns.

What I'm getting at is that while this might not be the anime equivalent of a AAA title, it's fun, and sometimes fun is what you need. That's what makes this final group of shows feel particularly special: they're the select few that manage to take a broader look at the lives of their otaku characters.

The series follows a college club that studies anime, manga, and games over multiple school years. GN 1 Oct 5, 4 comments. This show seems to have a strength that many anime series try and fail to obtain; it feels like Gamers! The world of anime plays a central role in Anime nerd guy narrative, but the focus is on the people who make anime rather than the people who watch it.

As long as a series feels well researched and does a good job of conveying what makes a particular hobby interesting or enjoyable, you could say that it understands its audience. Let's take a closer look at some shows that understand what it means to be an otaku of some kind. Dragon Goes House-Hunting understands that to its core. Share your picks with us in the forums! Princess Jellyfish may not enjoy the same level of name recognition, but it also deserves a place on this list.

The original cast is still nearest and dearest to my heart, but the series features a wide enough variety of personalities that just about any viewer will find someone to relate to. For me, one of the most memorable scenes happens in its first episode, when shut-in protagonist Tatsuhiro talks himself into applying for a part-time job and reluctantly ventures out of his apartment. No yet? As they interact with people from other walks of life, the characters' personalities and perspectives prove to be just as important as their interests. It takes sharp writing and direction to hit that uncomfortable-yet-satisfying middle ground, and the result is often hard to turn away from.

As it delves into the production process, Shirobako is able to find Anime nerd guy things that make this medium feel special to fans and creators alike. How is it that some anime titles are able to forge a genuine connection with their audience while so many others miss the point completely?

This time around we blah blah blah look, I know what you're here for, so let's just get into it. One day his friend Aida Anime nerd guy to lend him an eraser, so Hashimoto does Realizing that this must mean that Hashimoto likes Ida, who sits i All rights reserved. That same feeling of connection can crop up in shows covering a wide variety of subjects. There are scenes in WATAMOTE that make me wince in sympathy every time I watch them, as most of the show's humor comes from taking the experience of being a socially inept teen and cranking the level of discomfort up to the max.

My Love Mix-Up! The video previews new characters and a new CG animation style. Only time will tell if it has the staying power of other shows on this list, but its heart certainly seems to be in the right place. My family used to run an online store selling scale models of tanks and other military vehicles, and I picked up an interest in that subject as a result.

After all, many creators start out as fans. At last, Super Smash Bros.

The image of him walking down the street, rehearsing his introduction over and over, is a powerful one. Japan follows warm-handed baking prodigy Kazuma Azumi as he tries to great the most Japanese bread ever! The release schedule may differ depending on each In addition, episode 1 will air as scheduled, but it wi The video reveals and previews the opening theme song "Daylight" by MindaRyn.

Genshiken may be the best-known title in this group, and it does a lot to earn that fame.

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News News chronological archives Backflip!! Turn back the clock a few more years, and you'll find a similar vibe in Welcome to the NHK Featuring older characters with more serious problems, this series mines the dark side of the otaku world for both humor and drama. This brings us back around to Gamers! Even if the show isn't necessarily about otakuit gives off the impression that it was made by and for them, as you can't help but feel like the creative staff had a burning passion for what they were making.

Japan Oct 7, 11 comments.

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They go to school, make friends, get jobs, and stumble their way through romantic encounters just like everyone else. Registering is freeeasyand private. Its premise is one that plays around with the conventions of isekai, taking the idea of a soul from our world being reborn in a fantasy realm and running with it.

Years of event-level online reveals, obnoxious fan infighting, and people taking everything Sakurai posts or says as a coded hint have finally concluded. A series doesn't necessarily need to place a nerdy character in a leading role to connect with the audience. Shirobako is a good example of this kind of series. Boy howdy, that new Bandai-Namco Games log Multi-Mind Mayhem: Isekai Tensei Soudouki is one of those stories that has a stronger concept than execution.

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Still, much like Tomoko herself, WATAMOTE remains lovable because that adolescent pain is a shared experience; the core of the story feels sympathetic and relatable, and the audience's conflicted reactions come from having been there to one extent or another. Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more. By articulating the characters' points of view, the show does the same for its core audience.

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As we learn why different characters have chosen to pursue such a challenging line of work, we relate to their motivations even if we've never been in their position. Ultimate is in its complete form. For all its strange twists and turns, Welcome to the NHK presents its characters in a believable way.

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The writing is able to articulate what makes gaming fun, and it approaches its characters in a way that puts their passions front and center without making them seem one-dimensional. What are your favorite anime about nerds just like you?

The film is scheduled to premiere in in Japan. This book, despite only really focusing on four characters, has enough Anime nerd guy geometry to put Marmalade Boy to shame. The video game-themed comedy Gamers! Anime News Nina! Bard is an unsuspe The Girl, the Shovel, and the Evil Eye is a mix of the stale and the less-so that continues to tread a path that's so well-worn that there's no hope of grass ever growing on it.

One title that hits that note for me is the high school tank battle series Girls und Panzer. Tsuguru, o NN spoke to director Junichi Wada, producer Takayuki Funahashi, mecha deer Stanislas Brunet, kaiju deer Shoji Kawamori, and Memempu's voice actress Kanon Amane to get into the nuts and bolts of this highly ambitious production. The writing comes across as well-informed on the subject of video games, many of the jokes hit close to home, and we get to see the occasional glimpse of who the characters are when they aren't busy gaming.

If you've ever been an anime fan in college, you'll find at least a small piece of that experience in Genshiken. Tomoko, the show's hopelessly deluded heroine, embodies all the awkwardness and anxiety that can build up when you're the kind of teenager that your peers think is kind of weird.

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For this poll we're ranking the nerdiest anime characters of all time, but don't be surprised to see some entries that might be controversial.


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For this poll we're ranking the nerdiest anime characters of all time, but don't be surprised to see some entries that might be controversial.


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