Bad Dragon Sugar Star Review
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Like most fantasy toy stores, Bad Dragon uses platinum-cure silicone, a body-safe material, in softer-than-mainstream firmnesses in order to offset the heavy texture on most of their des. Bad Dragon is also known for offering very large toys, though their small and mini toys are on the larger side because of this as well. Bad Dragon offers insertables, penetrables, sheaths, packers, and other merchandise as well as accessories, though their packers have been reviewed as being unsuitable for public wear due to the models used being erect; they may instead be suitable as a regular toy in a much lower firmness than what is usually available. Bad Dragon ships internationally, and customs are always available. Smaller incidents that may seem inificant on their own are also included, due to the trend of the greater whole. This blog is intended to track all toys from all fantasy toy companies.


I used to think this toy sucked because every time BD had a drop these things were everywhere. I would go so far as to say this is probably one of my top toy to just finger play before sticking it in. I get Zoie next week and will give it a review soon. This is Anje.

5 best bad dragon masturbator review (& few alternatives)

You feel something hit, not physically but a powerful orgasm. This is an excellent toy to buy as your main toy. It's far more prominent than Hazel's I would love Hazel's internals to be similar this toy.

I had a sugar star but it was a while ago. I gave it to a friend. Pros: Everything is highly detailed, this toy is some of the better sleeves of BD. Nice squeezing entrance.

New posts. Thread starter SillySilicone Start date Apr 11, SillySilicone Active member. You must log in or register to reply here. I won't give it a review until I get another I will but it will be a while. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity New resources. It's not demanding like Sofia, empty like Alice, or fatal like Perry. If you just want raw tightness Perry works but if you want an intense by textures, Anje or Sofia.

[review] bad dragon's anje the dilophosaurus

Log in. It's a warm sunny day, You are minding your own business. Even just pushing a single finger through will make every ridge pretty clear to you. Aura-Sama said:. Oh cool! Cons: They could have added more silicone to make a base of a tail instead of the nub.

Sugar star the pony masturbator review

The entrance has enough detail to really simulate looking at the backside of a reptilian female minus a tail. Have you ever tried Hazel or Natascha? Marketplace Search resources. You wake up in a police station trying to identify a bunch of horny raptor females with ninety-five dollars missing.

Bad dragon sugar star -- unboxing and first use

Its a flop and I'm not complaining about the price difference. Last edited: Apr 11, Thank you for reading, I love feedback and toy recommendations. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

The ridges leave no part of your dick wanting and because of it's smaller size than Lily, it gives a nice bulge as you slide in. Feel: Get some lube and wiggle a finger through to get to texture city, this toy as a pronounced ridged bump that you can see in the cross section. Sofia is crazy intense by texture. It's fun to really look at if you like that kinda texture though I highly recommend getting some good lizard colors rather than my odd color one. You panic and flail about as the unseen attacker goes at your pants like you are smuggling winning lottery tickets.

As you near your front door, BAM it's on you like a lion. Similar to a iguana for you lizard owners reading this. Search titles only. Feedback View Statistics. I firmly stand by this criminally underrated toy. Yep Yep. If you click my ature I have all my toys and the reviews embedded in the name.

Most realistic feeling bad dragon masturbator?

Thank you. Yea Snowball requires you to be rock hard or guide yourself in.

Have you tried Zoie or Sugar Star yet? Get it.

The power the bad dragon sugar star porn videos

Wish me luck that I survive Snowball when he arrives. You couldn't feel better about your day. My body is not ready but I will try! Experience: This raptor fucks.

So youd still say perry is the most intense bad dragon youve tried so far? You have been warned. Pretty much like most butt toys I guess. Sofia is still the most intense I've had so far but I got Snowball arriving soon so I will have another tight butt to try.

The power the bad dragon sugar star hd porn videos

If you see this toy and you don't have it. Probably not. It's a very pleasant interior. Average to Porn dick, this toy has enough to give a guy a bit of an ego.

[review] bad dragon's anje the dilophosaurus

S : I'm more of a monster or mammal kinda guy but damn are the reptiles and amphibians winning my reviews. Twitch on the other hand looks like he would do that himself. Sooner or later I'll have every BD sleeve and run outta reviews. Great review! You go to the store, buy a few things and head back home.

Bad dragon sugar star -- unboxing & first use porn videos

Anje is not going to suck out your cum immediately but that isn't from a lack of effort, even slight movements make those ridges go to work. Aura-Sama Leaving dildos in the open since SillySilicone said:. Plap Plap Plap! Log in Register. The birds are ing, the trees are swaying in their gentle way.

Much appreciated. I was dead wrong.

I can't really make out textures of pretty because it's just stupidly tight. Forums New posts Search forums. Search forums. The entrance is tight and grips nicely, it does have a little push back but not enough that even a half hard cock would have trouble.

Deeeead wrong. I'd probably get it again later but I do remember it being basically vaginal perry with its tightness. Looks: Anje has style for days, there are scales on its tail ridge but the most of is a wrinkly reptilian feel. Very good texture without being cum black hole like Sofia.

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