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Vacuum pump swelling problems vs bathmate fluid retention: which is worse? In the quest for male enhancement, chances are you have tried it all. From jelqing to vacuum pumps, the bathmate, and performance enhancing drugs, there is a host of alternatives that can help you when it comes to your penis. When your aiming for increased length, girth, firmness, and long-lasting erections, complications are the last thing you want.


Dont be afraid to start with light low timed sessions. I usually make a playlist of songs, each minutes so I can easily for my time in and out of the pump. Live Chat. What's new New posts Latest activity. I saw an art picture of it and it still didn't make Bathmate water retention. ed Jun 1, Messages 5. Just take your time and don't aim for over night and things will go great for you. ed Dec 19, Messages 6, Kegels and Reverse Kegels are definitely a part of my BM routine and I have a tablet set-up with a few 'inspirational' vids to keep my EQ a strong as possible.

ed Aug 4, Messages 2, RMT New member. SOme guys will go minutes but after that it seems more prohibited. ed Dec 5, Messages 8, Well guys its been a while since I used the Bathmate but I have been getting back into it. Kegel or have a soft dick, IMHO. Being in the hot water basically gives you a great warm up. ed Mar 22, Messages 3. A lot of guy want to pump before having a girl over or before going out to have sex, and you would not want to have a ugly donut shaped penis when your pants drop.

Reverse Kegels should be used with every stretch as they release the penis from muscle contractions allowing for stretching without a reflex response.

How to deal with water retention in the bathmate

I like warming up with two 5 minute sessions then I go to the longer minute sessions that include Bathmate DLD hardcore stretching or girth blasters. ed Dec 18, Messages Can someone please explain slow squash Jelqs? It really does relate to SRT in the way I only suggest pumping sets of 5 minutes. Not to mention the increased length and girth makes it pretty obvious!

The key to this is slowly working your way up. Shop MoS. Log in Register.

Penis pump fluid retention

Kingme New member. Supra's Bathmate Lessons and avoiding Water Retention. BigDickler Member. ed Jun 3, MessagesExcellent work, I am glad I got to talk first because I have a good understanding now. Worth further exploration.

That skin is tost supple to fluid expansion. Kegeling regularly has now become a habit--I've even caught myself doing it at work subconsciously when deeply focused on something else! ed Jan 11, Messages Kingme; said:. Switching into the Slow Squash Jelq for 5 minutes completely eliminates the pre-buildup and allows for another set to be done with the most minimum on retention. So they key is working your way up. I love this thing, absolutely love it. In my opinion using the Bathmate is the best in the bath if you have time.

ed Nov 4, Messages Almost every fear that comes as a possible risk has to do with people's own misuse. ed Feb 14, Messages 6. Log in.

Supra's bathmate lessons and avoiding water retention.

Putting my penis under a vacuum was a scary thought at first. Starting out you might want to just do a few 5 minute light sessions, the better time you give yourself in the beginning of training the better you will be at the end. How to eliminate the fluid build up? The reason you have fluid retention under the glans is that is outer and inner mucosa of what is left of your forskin. A lot of people jelq between sessions however I do manual stretching.

I am also doing Kegels while in the bathmate. I feel it is a better way to cause less fluid build up and more overal length gains can come from it. Let this be a fun experience, it might be the first time you took a bath in a while so sit down, turn the hot water on and enjoy. From there I start doing a bit of edging or Supra Slammers to really get engorged.

Bathmate fluid retention – how to deal hydromax water retention?

Thread starter Super Start date Feb 6, Super Lifetime Diamond Supporter. Hence Bathmate You get into a real zen zone, but some nice music on or whatever your into and just go to town. The comfortpad is always stuck on my penis when I pull the Bathmate off. IS it true if you use the Hydromax it can make you go limp dick? But it has been worth it. Then I stopped for a few weeks, let my body reset and then started again as a beginner and worked my way up. Hope this helps Supra. To the man who asked about erection quality--they hype kegels and reverse kegels here, and for good reason!

I do manual stretching five times a week and only Bathmate 3 times a week. I carefully collected a list of Dos and Don'ts before starting this process. Drain the tub and off you go clean and large. ed Mar 8, Messages I have the Hydromax x40 and I like it. I started out with the X which was my favorite for the longest time and finally worked my way up to the X Expansion is unreal. The point is you dont want to hurt yourself or get to much fluid retention under the glans. We Bathmate water retention about certain chemicals and supplements that effect the tunica by thinning it which would mean that expansion would be quicker but wouldn't retention be increased also?

That usually le to getting an erection. Then I start using the Bathmate. Search titles only.

Is this correct and any advice on erection status for the 2nd and 3rd round. The basic premise of DLD Blasters. I would also assert that the density of the Tunica may also be a factor in why buildup happens more to some and not others.

Last edited: Feb 6, DLD doublelongdaddy.

Grandejoe Member. When I first started pumping I was going all out every session and always had fluid retention. I find myself getting erections from brushing against my leg-since due to SRT I roll commando now, this is a serious inconvenience! WHen you are finished just relax a bit more let your penis be nurtured by the hot water. Quick question I understand for the first set go in as erect as possible but the second and third set are more difficult to get erect. Kegels should always be used in all girth work as it brigs more blood into the penis which obviously effects the thickness of the penis.

Thanks again.

Hi guys new to the bathmate and PE having been doing the 5x5x3 workout for a couple days. I start with a few light stretches underwater to get lossend up. While your in there if you need to take a break just do that, put your head back on a towel for a pillow, relax, think about growing your penis, think about how nice it will be to have a bigger one and believe in it.

For waterpumps this is the bomb. Munto Active member.

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