Cheating Military Spouse Pics
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If marriage in the military is equal, then divorce should be equal, too. We have rules about military adultery for service members, why not have military spouse adultery rules, too? I think it is a problem. I've spent my whole life in the Navy. I grew up in Navy housing where I saw my friends' mothers cheating on their husbands.


Ever heard of a thing called spam. Someone probably made a fake for someone they didn't like. It is fake. No good deed goes unpunished.

I am convinced many were whores. Pics inside! This thread has been given site staff approval as long as it stays within the CoC. Please, do not post comments that will get this thread locked!!!! That is fake. Some may have been innocent. I feel this service member deserves to know what his wife has been up to. So no respect for a marriage or for a guy serving huh?

Cheating military spouses pictures 3d models

. The dead giveaway was a young hot chick into kinky sex. Please spread the word to your buddies in the Mil. Let's see if the power of Arfcom can be used to help this service member out. Quoted: So because it says "military wife" it's somehow worse than what?

She posted the link, stating it was the most horrible thing she had ever seen. If the thread gets locked, we can't accomplish that mission.

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When I clicked on the link, it took me to www. New to the internet? Posted Via AR Com Mobile. Those fake sound like they are written by Nigerian scammers most of the time. I was in the Navy and lived in base housing. Or it could just be a complete fake.

Spouse confessions: sexually deprived spouse

March AFB? Picture screams fake. Quoted: Quoted: That is fake. A real professional learns how to spot the bots in seconds. See alsoRule 30 Revised Especially on a military base surrounded by thousands of horny, physically fit young men. If a woman posts a pic on a hook-up site and it looks like something you would like to fuck. Quoted: the fact that there is a web site dedicated to married people seeking outside relationships is disgusting. Quoted: I'd hit it.

I guess ruined marriage either way Quoted: Quoted: Quoted: That is fake.

The pictures you didn’t take with your service member

General » General Discussion. Warning Close.

People are people. Wait, fake on the internet??? You could tell who was home and who was away just by watching who goes where through the back yards. Quoted: The dead giveaway was a young hot chick into kinky sex. Quoted: That is fake. Quoted: Quoted: Quoted: Quoted: That is fake.

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Girls that hot don't need the internet to get laid. Confirm Action Are you sure you wish to do this? So because it says "military wife" it's somehow worse than what? I saw quite a few lookers with dependent ID cards bringing in guys on visitor passes late at night. Why would someone fake it.

Next. She wouldn't need to advertise to get what she wants. I'm hoping her husband posts here, or someone that knows her husband does, and that this bitch can be stopped in her tracks.

I think many people don't realize this. Quoted: Quoted: Wait, fake on the internet??? Maybe she's got an open relationship?? Being married or being married to a soldier does nothing to diminish my willingness for carnal heresy.

And what if this is revenge by some girl she knows who decided to screw her over on the internet? Absolutely no way that particular post is legit. Just because her profile pic is fake, doesn't mean the ad isn't real. Quoted: Quoted: The dead giveaway was a young hot chick into kinky sex.

I tried. The whole point of this thread is to get word to this service member and out his wife. If I was duped, oh well. User Panel. If I go scrape the bottom of my shoe I might find a higher life form than you. Confirm Cancel. Quoted: Wait, fake on the internet??? They have hidden photo galleries of themselves where they have to give you a "private key" to get access.

Spouse confessions: sexually deprived spouse

She could put that picture up just to attract hits, and then give people her "private key" to see what she really looks like. While reading a thread here on Arfcom, I came across a website link that another member posted. Successful marketing is successful. Look at the multiple positive feedbacks at the bottom of themeaning she has been with multiple other guys.

What makes you think that a hot young chick would be less prone to fooling around on a husband who is gone for long periods of time just because he's in the military? I'd hit it. ETA: Sure, it could be fake, but I've seen plenty of cheatin' military wives that were at least that hot.

Playing devils advocate if I might? In my unit, I knew of two wives that could been had, easily. Even when hubby was passed out drunk. Register? Wow, too bad she is taken. Your heart is in the right place, I guess. Again, please keep your comments within the CoC. EDIT: It appears that the picture is fake and of the chick from planetkatie.

Chicks that hot do not need to post online to get "action". Sheks hot, anybody would have trouble keeping that in the yard. I decided to check out the site, wondering what kind of people would use it, and found the following Obviously, I am pissed off that a woman would do this to someone serving our country.

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