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  • I'm 31 years old
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  • Namibian
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  • I’ve got lustrous dark eyes
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  • Lady
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  • My figure type is quite fat


The feisty comic actress and author says she has always had confidence in her sexual presence.


Morbid obesity or not, I think Dawn has a beautiful face and a lovely personality. There are people attracted exclusively to amputees too I wouldn't say 'chubby chasers' are in the majority though Pru. My daughter has a friend who's taller than Dawn, but verging on her size wise.

A better example would maybe be James Gandolfini and Jennifer Aniston, would bea reverse of the idea. TVoD is fiction - what happened to Dawn's character would be pretty unlikely to happen in reality, as IMO most men don't like morbidly obese women, however pretty their faces or fantastic their personalities.

How so? And don't forget that Lenny's cheated at least once, with a slim, young blonde at that.

Barry White was sexy? I am stating that most people base a person's attractiveness on a combincation of face, personaltiy and body.

Dawn french reveals she never has sex with the lights off (and why she loves stripping off)

Her ego is as big as her gut. Can I ask how old you are? If the other woman had been fat then one could conclude Dawn's size wasn't a factor. Pierce Brosnan, Lenny Henry and Fern Brittan's husband, the television chef, are all examples of handsome men who clearly have no problem finding their wives highly desirable despite being the target of a lot of female attention themselves. I just think it's ridiculous to suggest someone handsome couldn't fancy someone fat - as most people's attarction is based on facial attractivness as proven over teh years by psychologists and actually has little to do with body shape.

Dawn french shocks fans with slender figure after losing an incredible 7 stone

Chilli Dragon Posts: 24, Forum Member. What rubbish - that's like saying that anyone who doesn't find basketball players attractive must have a dwarf fetish! I don't think you can compare being fat with being black. I think your example is just as much of an extreme - Richard Griffiths is 60s years old and has never been a heart throb, nor does anyone ever claim he's handsome.

Barry White? Orion wrote:.

Perhaps 'chubby chasers' are more prevalent in certain parts of Britain! There are plenty obese men who are seen as sexy. In Register. Dancing Queen Posts: 9, Forum Member. The Prumeister wrote:.

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Spoilt Kid wrote:. As do many many women. But hey let's think of some obese men who ARE sexy? Dawn French always has been seen as a very beautiful woman. Hey there! We all choose our own paths and if Frenchie is happy as she is, then brilliant.

Dawn french reveals she loved filming sexy scenes in her new tv drama

Right up till the point his mobide obesity killed him, no doubt. Can she hell! In or Register to comment.

Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Are you saying that typically handsome men do not find a larger girls attractive? I also think that Lindsay Lohan is pretty. I stand by my analogy. Can happen-I'm not exactly small,am in my mid forties and married to a man in his mid thirties who looks pretty good Distorted self image? I've seen plenty of obese men out with stunning girls, but virtually no fat women out with gorgeous blokes.

Dawn french

So basically what you are saying that a "typically" handsome man wouldn't find a larger girl attractive? You can't compare your size with that of a fat woman, because male fatness is percieved differently to female fatness. What about Robbie Coltrane? Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Can she even get a chubby chaser to look at her despite the fact she has a pretty face and great personality?

I am pretty sure that Cracker had an affair with his slim attractive younger assistant. However I do think both these women have something in common - promoting bad eating habits. How very sad that you should make such a statement.

Dawn french shows off incredible update to hair transformation

How very dare you! Dawn French by her own admission is overweight and seems OK with it The Prumeister Posts: 22, Forum Member. She was a very attractive slim woman who found a very obese guy fanciable. Are you a man or woman? If you had a sitcom where Richard Griffiths played a vicar, and Cameron Diaz played a glamorous successful career woman who proposed to him, people might suggest it was unrealistic.

Dawn french sends fans wild over naughty sex scenes with game of thrones hunk on new sky 1 show delicious

You have'nt answered the question ureeka asked. However, Frenchie appears far happier in herself, and this is ultimately what is important. What about the chubby chasers?? Dawn French is certainly over estimating her desirability. Woowookid wrote:.

Was there shock and consternation when Libby showed interest in Hurley on Lost? You think James Gandolfini is of equivalent fatness to Dawn French? Just because you don't like larger women does not mean that genuinely handsome men wouldn't. As if that bloke would have looked at her twice Woowookid Posts: 7, Forum Member.

Well said I'm a big bloke, who'se weight has varied from 22 - 25 stone over the past few years but i've never had many problems with the ladies, but in all seriousness yes i know i am obese and i keep myself as fit as possible by playing sport and working a physically demanding job SinSeer wrote:.

Don't see huge surprise at that.

Dawn french love!

I was replying to someone pointing to the success of their marriage as validiation of Dawn French's size. If someone is going to say that then it should be noted that Lenny cheated on her with someone thin. What, there's no middle ground between Dawn French and 'skinny, anorexic, supermodel'? The rapper whose name escapes me right now but he's worked with JLO etc? I don't follow? Rock on! I think Dawn French is very pretty.

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Comedy star Dawn has told how she relished filming racy scenes for new drama Delicious, alongside rugged Game of Thrones actor Iain Glen.


DAWN French fully unleashed her naughty side while filming racy sex scenes for her new drama series.


By Natalie Corner For Mailonline.


Dawn French showed off a fabulous new look on social media at the weekend.