Did Asuna And Kirito Do It
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So I am wondering if Kirito and Asuna ever had sex? In SAO? Kirito replies that that is not what he was planing he was just wanting to stay the night not the other thing. And the next morning Kirito is by Asuna's bed where most likely Asuna is naked.


Although it was only for a short while, they were known as an odd duo within the game.

This could especially be seen when Asuna "dies" after Kayaba kills her, to which he threw away his life, thinking that he could not live with Asuna. While Asuna was at first creeped out and feared the various enemies that came her way, Kirito would mostly react calmly, as he played for longer than she did.

It could have also been a simple gesture to show how much he loved her, but that was left to fans' imaginations. This makes it easier to understand why they fell in love with each other and the various dates they went on when they have a moment of peace.

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This was a wise choice, as anyone could have put them in danger at any time. The people around them would often jest about how whenever they were together, they would fight horribly. Sword Art Online: Progressive changes many things, and one of the most vital things is the character dynamic between Kirito and Asuna.

Kirito and Asuna become a couple, but in the original light novel and the anime, they hardly have any time for dates when they're trying to survive. Despite not knowing anything about Kirito at the time, Asuna was the only one who knew the kind truth behind why he did this.

The reason is simple—after being stuck in an online world for so long, it's hard to live without the person who grounds you. It took a year of online game time for them to feel comfortable around each other finally. Although they actually argue a bit in the original light novel, it was never to the extent shown in the revised ones.

It shows their relationship evolve from love to hate and how they begin as friends before any romance happens. In the manga, Kirito's personality is eccentric, and Asuna is more of a tsundere. They became so co-dependent that they both stated they would take their own life if the other died.

Asuna eventually gets over the fear of their appearance and replaces it with the fear of death instead, which showed more character development than the first light novel.

She now works for Valnet, Inc, writing anime lists on Comic Book Resources, writing about television on Screenrant, as well as editing as a Junior Editor. No matter if some fans disagree with their relationship, one thing is for certain—they love each other dearly.

The best example is when Kirito is sleeping beneath a tree, and Asuna watches him sleep peacefully. However, the Sword Art Online: Progressive light novels show them leisurely climbing each Floor at their own pace.

This was shown briefly when Lisbeth, one of Asuna's good friends who was a blacksmith in the online world, noticed that she had some new earrings. In her spare time, she writes romance novels, works as a freelance Japanese translator, catches hearts in otome games, and binge watches K-Dramas. You can follow her and her witty tweets at bagariellebook.

When they fought against the 1st Floor Boss, later on, he discovered it was the person he gave the pot of cream to—and after settling into the online world, Asuna began cooking, striving to make the online food inside the game taste as good as she could. Whatever the case, it fills in the gaps and makes their relationship more relatable is perhaps the best part of the light novels. Brianna Albert is an author, writer, reader, and seasonal anime watcher.

Did kirito and asuna ever have sex?

This is another change introduced in Sword Art Online: Progressive. After the villain who trapped them in the game declared that a death game would begin, Kirito sat beside a person in a red hood in one of the beginning areas. Here are 10 things only light novel fans—as well as Sword Art Online: Progressive fans—would know about Asuna and Kirito's relationship.

The light novel shows Kirito being more boyish and Asuna acting more eccentric and amateur-like than Kirito. In the light novel, Kirito and Asuna actually formed a party after Kirito declared himself a Beater. Despite this being a game, everyone still became hungry.

However, certain aspects of their relationship could not be translated into the various anime, manga, and even the original light novels. She had stated that being near Kirito—and sleeping beside him—caused her nightmares to disappear.

Brianna Albert Articles Published Brianna Albert is an author, writer, reader, and seasonal anime watcher. From dinner dates to boat rides, they enjoyed themselves whenever they didn't need to think about survival.

The most they ever did was take time off to go on a honeymoon after getting married inside the game. Kirito may not remember the first time he encountered Asuna, but it was a big moment for her. It isn't stated explicitly, but Asuna had shown s of PTSD from being trapped within the game and losing those around her from various enemies and the guilt from killing others when she had to do anything to survive.

Although Lisbeth teased Asuna because of this, it was shown that Kirito would give Asuna presents to help her survive in battle. In both the original light novels and Sword Art Online: Progressive, both Kirito and Asuna did not trust anyone around them.

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As he saw the hooded person eating the bread, he gave that person a pot of cream to taste better. After Diavel lost his life and cemented that this was no ordinary game, Kirito declared himself as a Beater—a beta tester and cheater—in an arrogant way, causing others to hate him.

Asuna and Kirito would often have differences in plans and fighting skills, so Asuna would often lash out at Kirito, to which he would actually snap back at her. Asuna was shy at first but admitted that it was a present from someone. Kirito and Asuna are one of the most celebrated couples in both anime and the isekai genre—so much so that they are consecutively the first choice for couples who both cosplay. Asuna had horrible nightmares about what would happen if she did not survive.

In the light novel, this ifies that they are relaxed enough around each other to show themselves when they are defenseless. However, Asuna was also very observant after they worked together to fight against the 1st Floor Boss.

It turns out he did this to create distance between himself and the other beta testers so they would not garner all of the hatred for having more experience than everyone else. Kirito and Asuna were very serious about each other, as well as their relationship.

She has been watching anime since before Naruto became Hokage and trying to figure out how to bend air since she was in kindergarten.

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Sword Art Online: Alicization reached the climactic final battle of the War of Underworld arc, and while that was a sight to behold , fans of the series were absolutely stunned by the romantic cliffhanger between Asuna and Kirito at the end of the newest episode.


They had sex, this is only open to interpretation in the anime.


Sword Art Online had left fans hanging on a major cliffhanger during the Alicization saga as the last time we had seen Kirito and Asuna they were both reed to being stuck in the Underworld for years, and the newest episode of the War of Underworld arc revealed just a little of what they were up to during all of this time.


In episode 10 in the anime, when kirito slept over at asuna's house, why did asuna appear undressed?