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I said I'm sorry and I won't let it happen again. At least it was a problem until the night we had an uninvited visitor to our little beach. Everybody agree we let him us? Jim just wants to be friendly. The following day I knocked on the door of Jim's house. But, why in hell are you carrying those bags down here to our beach?

Gay skinny dipping stories

It's just the way I am. Andy, the oldest of our group, answered him. I just couldn't resist. As the door opened a bit more I could see the guy was wearing a rather sheer robe, Gay skinny dipping stories robe that fell open as he invited me in. There was no way I wanted them to think I had gay tendencies.

He smiled and licked his lips slightly. It sure looks like you've got a great way to cool off. He had a well-tanned and well-oiled body and was naked under the robe. Andy said that Ellie, one of the hottest girls at the party, had given him a blow job. My name is Johnnie. Ricky opened the door and invited me into the pool area. I thought maybe some beer might persuade you. I'm sorry, I hope I'm not disturbing you, but I had a message for Jim from a group of guys he met last night.

I don't know what came over me. We first saw him walking along the path through the woods down to what we all considered to be our private beach. It didn't take us long to have another beer and agree to accept Jim's offer. Of course my friend, Ben, knew I liked being touched because we used to have sleepovers when we were about 11 years old and one of our favorite things to do was pull our underwear down and feel each other's body.

I could see our new friend was enjoying looking at us and wasn't shy about staring at our cocks. Let's just be friends and forget this. I'm sure he'd be happy to see you. We've probably all gone skinny-dipping one time or another in our lives, enjoying that feeling of absolute freedom provided by swimming naked.

We got away with it because we swam late at night and at a small neighborhood beach.

School holiday skinny dip - tom and adam

He turned toward me a bit and caught my admiring stare. Large windows overlooked a swimming pool behind the house. We can always use a friend who buys beer for us, and it sure looks like he likes us. We can still be friends, and I can still buy beer when you want it.

I'm really sorry.

Laughter and jokes were coming fast and furious. As he set the bags down on the beach, Andy walked out of the water to get a closer look. He was a young guy, probably in his 20's, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and carrying two large shopping bags. He slowly walked closer to where I was standing, a little too close for my comfort, so I took a step away.

No one answered at first, and I was about to turn back to the street when the door opened a crack. I'd love to get naked and enjoy a swim.

Skinny-dip le to gay awakening

I walked up to the shore to dry off and my buddies followed. Through the windows, I could see Jim sitting at the edge of the pool, his feet dangling in the water. Even though I had just turned 18, the legal age to buy liquor in our state was So you had to find someone older to buy the beer, or just "borrow" it from a parent.

His cock was big, at least 8 inches, and in a semi-erect state. We all took our beers and waded into the waist-deep water about 20 feet from shore. Although I have to admit it felt good to have his hand moving over my ass and sliding briefly down my crack, I knew my friends could guess what he was doing.

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From time to time we had the added enjoyment of downing a few beers as we sat on the beach, but that wasn't often, since most of us weren't old enough to buy beer legally. Even though I had never looked at a man as a sex object before, I have to admit that this guy was extremely hot. Of course, nude swimming isn't allowed in most places, so you either have to find an isolated beach, have a private pool or know someone who does.

Jim wasn't saying much, just listening and enjoying the cool water. We were all in the water as he approached. Then Ben, who was my best friend, said "Yeah, Johnnie, don't be so offish. What could be wrong about accepting free beer, after all. He did say that a guy named Johnnie had a very sweet ass.

Skinny dipping in wv

He was built like one of those Greek god statues you see in pictures, very broad shoulders, tight abs and a narrow waist. He smiled at me as I quickly shifted my eyes away from his cock in embarrassment. He seemed like a nice-enough guy, but I'd never met him.

We were joking around, talking about a party we'd been to the weekend before, and some of the girls we'd like to fuck.

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Then, just as I was raising my beer to take a swig, I felt Jim's hand gliding across my ass. Jim's in back by the pool.

Hope you don't mind. Jim followed, too, sort of holding his hand in front of his cock and turning away to hide his erection. He wasn't wearing underwear and now it was me who was doing the staring. C'mon, follow me. It was no-doubt the largest house in the city, a restored old mansion that dated back to the early 's.

This guy sure knows how to get an invitation. Then his hand moved over the front of my shorts. I wasn't quite sure what to say, so I just chuckled a bit and followed Ricky through the house. Andy said, "Well, there is something to be said for that, guys.

Skinny dipping

Another guy was in the pool busily at work sucking on Jim's cock. We never went further than just touching and feeling and getting our cocks hard, but it was something we both looked forward to when we had our sleepovers. It was a great way to refresh ourselves after the heat of the summer day. We had let those episodes fade into the distant past as we grew older, but looking back on it now, I guess we were both exploring our sexuality and maybe being just a bit "gay".

I had seen him before, since he had recently moved into the biggest house in the neighborhood. Big deal. We're not gay, so keep your fucking hands to yourself. The bottom line is that finding beer was always a problem. He grinned. He looked me in the eye as he unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop.

Skinny dipping with carl

When I was a kid, my buddies and I used to go skinny-dipping in the local lake. My buddies were laughing their asses off as I quickly moved away from Jim. Jeez, he's nice enough to buy us beer, maybe you should let him cop a few feels," Andy laughed. We were calling him a bullshitter and teasing him that he wouldn't know what to do if Ellie asked him for a fuck.

Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. So, I'm gay. I could feel my cock hardening as I followed him to the back of the house.

I promise it won't happen again. He winked and let his hand glide over his cock.

I couldn't figure out why he'd be carrying two shopping bags down to our secluded beach.

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This is a story about two high school seniors who have been best friends since 6th grade and are stars on the high school track and field team.


Adam sent in this story about a prank going good for once: My old girlfriend used to love trying to get me into embarrassing situations.


This part 2 of "Skinny Dipping" is being dedicated to Bruce Hill based on his comment posted at part 1 with his request for Part 2.