Hot Tub Makeout
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The thought did flash across my mind: Wait, could I get pregnant from making out in a hot tub and then having sex in it? Mostly the hot tubs, though. But I know I missed out on the youthful, carefree times my hot-tub-spurning friends were having without me.

We had no regard for the inherent pregnancy risk of sitting in a hot tub and also having unprotected sexual intercourse in that same hot tub. Scared to admit that their kids have urges to sit in hot bubbly water, just like they do also sexual urges. So please, kids: Stay away from hot tubs.

Unfortunately, most districts are reluctant to teach actual sex ed to high schoolers who CAN and WILL be getting into hot tubs this summer. Related Posts. I think back to that night often, wishing I could tell myself then what I know now.

We hopped the fence of the community pool, pulled back the hot tub cover, and started making out under the stars. I just hope I can get through to one of them someday soon. But the pull of my hormones was too strong.

That 18 minutes of necking under the jets was not worth the constant, lifelong responsibility of raising .

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What do you mean by "don't do anything to get him too excited.


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A lot of what I knew about sex as came from The Sims — something I can only imagine is probably true of many people who came of age in the aughts.