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This is a character sheet for Johnny Test. The show's protagonist and youngest member of the Test family.


Lila also possesses great martial arts skills and is shown to not be as strict as her husband. A year-old girl who's the sister of Susan and Johnny; and the technical oldest child of Hugh and Lila. He is apparently not very smart, because Dark Vegan can perform a mind trick on him, and they only work on dumb people. He is prone to overkill and rarely considers what result his actions may have on civilians, to the point he fired at a forest, an inhabited area, and even an amusement park, all in an attempt to destroy a monster.

If Sissy beats him, she will brag about it. Johnny typically wears green cargo pants, a navy blue jacket over a black T-shirt with a trefoil symbol, a watch he rarely usesand black hi-tops. Despite first appearing as Johnny test janet, they're now friends to the Test kids on most occasions.

The General voiced by Lee Tockar are Mr. White and Black's Boss and leader of the area Loud, slightly incompetent, and forgetful, he frequently takes action whenever the situation becomes too large for the Tests to maintain, although his efforts never fare any better he even causes the situations sometimes.

His superhero name was "Super Pooch," but then changed to "Super Dukey. He will force including his wife or trick anyone to get his way; in one instance, he forced his wife to give up all her phones due to vacationing reasons. Just as often, however, Johnny proves himself to be very clever, either by convincing his sisters to help him solve his created problems or by saving the day from whatever good happens to show up.

They also dream of a vacation in Fiji and say so in a singsong voice "we are going to Fiji".

In the episode "Johnnymon," she claims to lacks sympathy for anyone. Mary is more friendly and warm-hearted than Susan.

Top 10 worst things johnny test has ever done

Johnny can live any kid's dream because of his genius sisters, only to find that some aren't worth living. She seems to be the victim of the show's twists, adventures, and random outcomes; her misfortune often happens at the end of the episode. She has greenish-blue eyes and often wears baggy blue jeans and green sneakers with her trademark yellow moon shirt.

He outlaws genetic experiments by Susan and Mary in the house, which is mentioned rarely, though frequently defied. When Bling-Bling pursues Susan, she tries to bribe Johnny into protecting her. In the course of these escapades, he often messes with his sisters' inventions, causing trouble and mayhem for the town. Johnny test janet also always grounds them for a month at a time for even the smallest offense or for ridiculous reasons such as making bubble gum. Dukey Test voiced by Louis Chirillo in Season 1—4, Trevor Devall in Season 5 onwards is Johnny's anthropomorphic talking pet dog and best and only real friend.

She is a businesswomanthough her specific profession is never explained aside from the fact she works in telemarketing. She has brownish-reddish hair, green eyes, and wears a typical women's work suit, pearl necklace, and heels. He has a superhero alter ego that he calls "Johnny X," whose superpowers include hurricane hands speeding wind from his handsshapeshiftingfire-powered transformation, teleportationESP Johnny test janet, and " Power Poots.

She is 11 possibly 12 years old, around the same age as Johnny. This is a list of the many characters from the animated television series Johnny Test including its reboot. They also have a hidden passion for cooking. He has two cats: a white cat called "Cuddles" and an orange tomcat. Ironically, Mr. White is African Americanand Mr. Black is Caucasian likely of Germanic ethnic origin. He also gets distracted if he loses his shoe, and can't focus on anything if he does, something that Johnny occasionally exploits.

However, he has a sensitive side as he loves roses and even has a rose garden. She believes less in science and more in science fictionwhich somehow always proves to be correct, despite Susan's scorn. However, he can never seem to remember their names save for occasions. He tends to be showing hyperactivity and laziness quickly, with the latter often prompting a healthy round of complaining. Either of these moods can cause Johnny to impulsively throw himself into potentially dangerous situations without considering or even flat-out ignoring possible consequences.

He seems to not believe that any of his students really try hard enough and once told his class they might want to learn a trade when passing out an important exam. Throughout the series he is portrayed as the disciplinarian of the Test household since unlike his wife, he is shown to be the one who is more likely to scold and punish the Test kids with his youngest son being his main victim. Lila is also shown to have good fighting skills as seen when she defeats the Caveman. Susan Test voiced by Maryke Hendrikse : The younger twin.

He often wants his children to come back before dinner or risk being grounded. A procrastinatorhe goes to great lengths to avoid any work, notably schoolwork or household chores, often using his sisters' inventions to do so, putting himself and others in danger as a result.

Johnny test season 7 | cast, episodes | and everything you need to know

Due to Susan and Mary's crush, many of their experiments often revolve around him, on some occasions even affecting him directly. It is shown that he really likes it if a student fails a test rarely, he gives his students asments on topics they never learn and at times, he has even shown to get sadistic pleasure out of punishing Johnny.

Mitchell "Bumper" Randalls voiced by Scott McNeil is a local bully who regularly tortures the kids at Johnny's school, though Johnny is his favorite victim; he tortures Johnny more than anyone else. His father seems to want him to be a wrestler, but he just wants to grow flowers so he takes his anger out on Johnny. A running gag in the series involves him forgetting something and hesitating to remember. He is a mischievous, troublesome, self-centered, and unpredictable young boy who's often called the "kid with the flaming hair" due to having scarlet red highlights in his blonde hair.

The cause of Dukey's anthropomorphism is the result of one of Susan and Mary's inventions. In later seasons, they become more friendly to each other, and Sissy becomes Johnny test janet aware of her crush on Johnny admitting to thinking he was cute in the th episode.

His catchphrase is "Whoa, didn't see that coming" during an unexpected event.

His surname "Nexdor" is a pun on "next door," alluding to the fact that he is Johnny's next-door neighbor. He is also very prone to be a glory hog and gloater when he is successful. Johnny is 11 years old and best friends with his dog, Dukey. Dukey sometimes dresses as a human being in public, with most people addressing him by others as Johnny's "hairy friend" or "the kid with the rare hair disorder.

They have a habit of speaking in unison especially when reciting their catchphrase "We're such geniuses". He is continuously depicted Johnny test janet intellectually lacking, although his handsome looks compensate for this most of the time. He often serves as the voice of reason of the family. Susan and Mary Test also known as The Test Twins is Johnny's genius twin sisters and daughters of Hugh and Lila, who frequently use him as a lab rat for various inventions, most of which to impress their neighbor, Gil. Though they generally refuse to help Johnny in his antics, they generally end up doing so anyway due to Johnny blackmailing or manipulating them, or in exchange for Johnny allowing them to use him as a guinea pig.

Whenever Johnny wins, he'll either get caught into a situation or brag as much as her. A year-old girl who's the sister of Mary and Johnny and the technical middle child of Hugh and Lila.

Johnny's super smarty pants

She has straight red hair, is held with a yellow star-shaped clip, and wears square-shaped glasses. His TinyMon name is "Mymuttdog," and he evolves into "Dukandra. Being a workaholic and a great multitasker, she always manages to take her work with her in one way or another. This le to why he probably bullies all the time. Both twins wear traditional lab coats and harbor a deep love and obsession for the Tests' next-door neighbor, Gil, although their attempts to attract his attention always fail.

Black and Mr. They seem to be highly incompetent and somewhat slackers at their job. Both girls attend school at the Porkbelly formally Mega Institution of Technology.

Johnny's super smarty pants

Despite being generally repulsed by girls, he has nurtured attraction towards his classmates Janet and Sissy, the latter out of hostile rivalry. Hugh's two biggest obsessions are cleaning and cooking meatloaf which in one instance he's shown to value more than the safety and well-being of his own childrenwhich the rest of the Test family openly despises. He has blond hair, blue eyes, and wears a green sweater over a Johnny test janet shirt with brown pants and loafers. He also has a lizard named Mr. Muncher and a dog. Due to the demands of her job and the fact she's a workaholic, Lila isn't seen at home as often as the rest of the family, but her family always comes first and she never misses out on vacations and family events.

Although seen as his equal if not better than himJohnny often cheats most episodes. Susan tends to be more irritable and harsh than Mary is, which often le to her downfall.

Johnny test (, seasons )

Her Catchphrases are "too much? Unfortunately, he always resorts to deceit, manipulation sometimes blackmail to get what he wants, and he angrily bemoans when things don't work out to his liking. Teacherman is always very tough, but not always to be mean.

Gil Nexdor voiced by Andrew Francis is a handsome year-old boy and Susan and Johnny test janet crush, who doesn't even know they exist, despite having lived next door to him since they were born and even having met them face to face on several occasions. Johnny also has a crush on her, although he doesn't seem to be aware of it or denies it. Like Johnny with or without intentionhe tends to destroy Susan and Mary's Inventions.

She is also more level-headed and conservative than Susan and speaks her mind much less often. In "Johnny X Strikes Back" he gains the power to turn to stone and flight. There have been a few "close calls" around the series, a running gag where Dukey accidentally speaks in their presence usually Hughcausing them to ask with Johnny, Susan, or Mary answer "no," and people immediately believe them.

She is a dedicated perfectionist and will have a mental breakdown when she is pushed too far or something that she highly values is destroyed. They claim not to be afraid of anything and could shoot ropes from their wrists in their first appearance. She has blonde hair with a red lightning bolt pattern, multiple ear piercings, and a plaid skirt with pants underneath. Even though he doesn't approve of the Test Family and their experiments, He still considers them an ally.

Their hard-headed demeanor makes them gullible, and they have been tricked by Johnny on various occasions.

Susan has navy blue later cyan blue eyes, wears a black skirtknee-high socks, a pair of Mary Janesand a light blue shirt depicting a star. The two are constantly competing against each other. She has curly red hair, is held with a light moon-shaped clip, and wears moon-shaped glasses.

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