Poison Ivy X Catwoman
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What is ivey's relationship with catwoman?

Investigating, she learns that Poison Ivy has been captured in connection with its production, setting the stage for a potential Sirens reunion. Now, Catwoman 29 from writer Ram V and artist Fernando Blanco sees Selina learning from the Riddler that the organization behind the new drug has developed its compound from none other than Poison Ivy.

Using her unique physiology and DNA, this compound provides an unprecedented high but also in a debilitating crash. Now that the organization have their formula perfect, they're tying up loose ends, and also intend to kill Ivy herself.

While Kevin is a huge Marvel fan, he also loves Batman because he's Batman and is a firm believer that Han shot first. By Kevin Erdmann Published Mar 21, Share Share Tweet 0. While they eventually went their separate ways, their bond remains.

Kevin lives in Oregon with his wonderful wife and sinister cat who is no doubt currently plotting his demise. Harley Quinn has been looking for Ivy ever since she went missing during the events of Joker War. As a result, it will certainly be a missed opportunity on DC's part if Selina doesn't grab Quinn to lend a hand, creating the potential for the anarchic glee of the Gotham City Sirens.

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Kevin Erdmann is one of Screen Rant's staff writers. Disney also shares a big part of his fan patronage.

The scientists working on Ivy are revealed to be working for Simon Saint and the new company he's brought to Gotham. Harley and Ivy's romantic relationship has gone from strength to strength, while Catwoman still protects Gotham as part of the Bat Family.

What is ivey's relationship with catwoman?

Each of these characters has grown a huge amount since their Gotham City Sirens membership, and while fans are hoping against hope that Catwoman can save her old ally, it's still to be seen whether getting the gang back together will lead to even more chaos. Fans are getting excited for the return of a beloved team, as the latest issue of DC Comics' Catwoman teases a potential Gotham City Sirens reunion.

Having been one of their test subjects - gaining a criminal edge from the drug - Riddler is now being chased by assassins.

It looks as though the compound made from Ivy is somehow a part of those plans, making Catwoman's potential rescue of her old ally all the more vital. Related Topics Comics News Catwoman harley quinn gotham city sirens dc comics poison ivy.

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Warning: contains spoilers for Catwoman 29! There's also the wrinkle that Ivy will likely be looking for some payback if she can be rescued, potentially creating some conflict with her former teammates, who are trying - more or less - to walk the straight and narrow. Happily, Riddler may have spilled the beans to Catwoman just in time.

In issues of Batman and Infinite Frontier 0it was revealed that Saint is directly working with Scarecrow to make the city so afraid that they'll willingly accept his fascistic Magistrate program, as seen in DC's Future State. However, Catwoman 29 sees Selina Kyle catching wind of a new drug hitting the streets.

In their own series back in from Paul Dini and Guillem March, the trio sought to protect each other while also getting into all kinds of trouble, though they did manage to do some good in Gotham City along the way. Catwoman has staked her claim on Gotham's Alleytown borough, serving as her own domain in the city to protect those in her care.

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Shortly prior to the restoration of the multiverse, Ivy was revealed to be kidnapped and used to produce an illegal street drug against her will.


With her wicked grin and unhinged bravado, she was the only member of Amanda Waller's Task Force X who made crime look fun.


Shortly prior to the restoration of the multiverse, Ivy was revealed to be kidnapped and used to produce an illegal street drug against her will.


Heroines - x60cm.