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Trash hunks ranks of liquid-plumr and zesty guy

Share on twitter. Whether they are between routes, or coming back to the office when they are done, they are free to come and go as many times as they like.

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Flirty trash to leave for your hot garbage man

So the next time you see the American truck picking up your trash or recycling be sure to say Hi to the incredibly dedicated and hardworking men in the truck, and thank them for all that they do! And that work cycle….

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National Garbage Man Day. Share on. Do you know your garbage man?

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A Trip to the MRF. July 31, - pm. It boggled my mind how these men could do this day in and day out, and still greet me with a smile every time I saw them coming back to the office at the end of the day. The profession has been as high as 3 in the past. So how do we show all our appreciation?

June 30, - pm. All just to pick up your trash.

I kept a journal during my three days, and although we do not participate in the actual LABOR on the Ride Alongs driving the truck, picking up the bins etc. June 17th is National Garbage Man Day and American would like to take a moment to appreciate the men and women who make our world a little cleaner and greener! In the summer, the guys have to stay constantly hydrated in order to avoid heatstroke a VERY serious risk for them in the hot months and in the winter, they must be sure to take precautions to avoid frostbite a VERY serious risk in the cold months.

Not only so we get a better understanding of how each aspect of the company works, but also so we fully appreciate how hard these men work and really understand what they do. Depending on the length and difficulty of their route, some work surprisingly long days and once they return home to their families they often have to go straight to bed in order to get up that early the next day too.

Yet every week they are there, they come to your house and empty those bins at the curb. However, that is only a TINY fraction of what these incredible men do every day: rain or shine, heat or snow, and often times with no recognition. Picking up and dumping trash bins over and over for hours every day is physically taxing to say the LEAST, but when you throw extreme temperatures into the mix it becomes even more dangerous. Savvy Super Bowl Recycling.

Garbage man - smart sexy

That means each and every one of us from dispatch, to ing to managers and directors has gotten up in the middle of the night, came to the office, and hopped in a trash truck alongside the driver-and stayed with them for their entire day. Current Promo Code:.

Last year it was 6 according to Time magazine, this year, the fatality rate has risen even higher forcheck out 5 in this article of the 11 Most Dangerous Jobs. There is no better day to sing their praises, then on National Garbage Man Day. Commercial drivers often start their route before 2am. As Always, Thanks for Reading!

A waste management, dumpster rental, roll off, organics and trash disposal company. I was honestly exhausted after just those three days. December 11, - am.

This blog is in praise of those men.

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Liquid-Plumr's "Double Impact" pushed the envelope with how much graphic sexual innuendo could make it into a television commercial.


You draw open your curtains on trash day to see that glorious hunk of a trash man.