Skid Mark Panties
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Since the dawn of time, men and women have been attempting to understand each other.


Stopped wearing white britches when I started dating my wife. Step 1, promise to replace tightey whities with a much cooler set of undergear, and Step 2, let the kid know that clean does not equal almost clean.

This is your most hilarious post so far! This is hilarious. Or even…explode.

Skid mark women's underwear & panties

Thank you this totally made my day lol…. Thank you!

The surgery is called a colostomy or an ileostomy, depending on which part of the gut gets rerouted. You guys have got a lot of fans around here. Otherwise I would have just thought it was way over exaggerated. The wife started throwing his underwear out due to the repulsion factor.

This is great stuff, but you forgot the follow through. Andy says:. It really helps put it all into perspective.

You have no excuse… or should possibly see your doctor. The husband, yes the husband, was inconsistent on his behind wiping technique. Spot on. Never done a drug in my life, so I make that jest with a clean conscious and and clean mind. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Cuz even heroes get skid marks. Thanks team!

Your last one looks like scissors were needed as well…. Hence the existence of online support groups, where we share experiences, console and encourage each other, trade tips, and so forth. He probably needs to know this. Oh man…. Now if you are an adult male who happens to be hairless and it still occurs?

I laughed for a solid 20 minutes!

How to remove poop stains or skid marks from my underwear?

I even saved it for my husband to see when he gets home. When the bag gets full, which happens on average 7 to 8 times a day, we empty it into a toilet, close it up again, and wash our hands. I literaly laughed out loud. Not a coincidence.

10 mind-blowing things these men learned about women simply by dating one.

But I think that innocent banana may be the culprit. Well, in theory.

You guys are so up to date with the goings on in my house. Ha ha ha ha ha! Buy dark colored britches to help in the concealment of minor accidents. This one is MINE!! Thank you for adding the banana for scale. This is excellent. We went to pick her up and quickly put her back down.

Because even parachute-pant-style boxers are not safe. I can do it afterward. We also hope to prevent them from coming to the wrong overly-optimistic choice, and contaminating an entire wash-load of clothes. I do the laundry, so… Tee hee.

How to remove poop stains or skid marks from my underwear?

For a lot of adults even. Suffice it to say we were doing LAX shots and spinach all week long. Underwear IS disposable! Only needed it once, but boy it made all the difference. Younger and older, male and female. I really needed this one today. Consequences could be undesirable and damage your keyboard. Ha ha! I needed a fix. It worked.

So thanks from the denizens of Ostomyland for giving us a chance to have a healthy and healing belly laugh! Christina says:. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! With this handy-dandy Instructional Diagram, we hope people doing a skid mark evaluation can spend less time turning a pair of soiled underwear around in their hands, and come to a swifter more certain decision. Anyone who does laundry has been confronted with one level or another on this Skid Marks chart, and may have had to ask themselves: wash it or toss it?

The whole tight whitey motify might unto itself can be disconcerting. More Instructional Diagrams?

Was cleaning up an Unsolved Crime scene the other day, only to discover the crime was still in progress. Sorta like a parenting blog, come to think of it. I can only imagine the look of horror on the face of the plumber pulling kids underwear out of clogged bathroom pipes. I am an addict.

10 mind-blowing things these men learned about women simply by dating one.

You can also subscribe without commenting. Love you!!! Too busy feeling rad for making you laugh. Love it! This is, hands down, the best instructional diagram I have ever seen!

Thank you for making me laugh! Less messy, as a rule, than having a bowel movement the old-fashioned way. The reason why white undies should be banned. Totally cry laughing, tears rolling down my face.

Skid mark women's underwear & panties

Burn all immediately, hose off, and seek professional help. Want help committing the perfect crime? Thank you for Spicemance!!! Looks great and well……this just cracked me up.

Imagine what it would be like cleaning peanut butter off of the back of your head with a dry paper towel… see what I mean? Ha ha ha! Made life a lot easier to not have to scrub poop out of shirts and onsies…oh and extra tip, sun bleaches out breastmilk poop stains.

I am so grossed out, in hysterical laughter and proud of you for writing what you have written, Alan. Very tidy and high-tech. I worked with a nurse who told me this story about her neighbor. I am so glad I have you guys to make me laugh!! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Eventually, he ran low on drawers. Since you were bold enough to venture into the adult phase of the phenomena, I will offer a simple explanation on behalf of our gender.

Oh my. When I was done laughing, not counting the aftershocks that continued for the next half hour my cheeks hurt, my stomch hurt, my boyfreind was looking at me like I had lost my mind, but my headache was gone!

My wife was saint! My son is basically finished potty training. Just peel that onesie off and throw it out!

Holy crap! Suppressed laughter at work… trying not to pee on self… why am I reading this at work? Funny stuff guys. We have all—for various reasons ranging from birth defects to colon cancer to inflammatory bowel diseases—had some part of our intestines removed, either temporarily to let the remainder of the bowel get some rest while healing or permanently.

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When it comes to skid marks or poop stains, many people have a misconception that it happens only to children.


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