Teacher Foot Worship Stories
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Foot Stories.

I asked her to assume that her anklet is made up of iron and my hand is magnet. Me, I just looked up, her panties still on, at her towering figure.

Homeroom teacher

I removed her shoe. Then she inserted her big toe into my mouth. Bathe those feet," she continued rubbing, "stick your tongue out.

The next day also I called her to play magnet game, but this time she directly placed her feet on my stiff cock Older Post Home. Her feet, now bare, were large size 10s, and needless to say, I knew it might take a while to loosen them up and refresh them; and the odor now was still coming off them. Then I gradually brought her feet down and down until it touched my cock. Wow man great story I could see everything in my head!

It was about the middle of the year, when I received instruction from her to meet her after school in her classroom, to discuss a few things. After a brief hesitation, I abided and started taking off my clothes. My cock was erect.

She then stood over me as I sat on the couch and reached down and grabbed my now full erection. Slightly embarrassed by the request and blushing I alas complied. One day as I was helping her grade some papers, sitting at the other end of her desk, she gently put her foot on my lap and asked me if I would remove her heel and give her a foot massage. My cock was above to burst. She-ba," I answered.

To my surprise, she had nothing on under the robe except her panties, and her bare breasts were now showing in front of me. I could smell her odor now everywhere around the house, and I must say, I was aroused to be taken to be at the feet of my teacher.

The smell was strong. She then moved to sit down on the couch while I continued laying there and this time she put both her feet on my face and starting rubbing them all over.

My teacher's foot slave

My feet and toes I want to be your personal focus for the year. My chemistry teacher, Ms. She-ba, was a tall, proud woman, and from the very first day of class I saw that she had an eye on me. She asked me which game. I enjoyed her feet to extreme. Post a Comment.

Hot for teacher's feet

Let me tell you of something that happened to me years ago. Had I been lured into the den-of-slavery? I was a freshman in high school, young and somewhat rebellious during the hours of school. Here, do the other one too," she said. And she walked on into her chambers. And so there I was, massaging my teacher's feet. I then said her that we will play a game. Getting up, I followed her in and she was there sitting at the edge of the bed, waiting for me. She said OK. I ten moved my hand near my face she then moved her feet near my face slowly I touched her feet.

According to her request, I met her after school. At this, I began sucking and Teacher foot worship stories her toes and in between them while she stood with one foot in my mouth. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. I must admit, after a while the pungent smell dispersed, and I actually began to focus hard on pleasing her the way best I could.

Immediately I could smell her stocking-feet, sweaty and tired from her long day, and I started massaging it. I was now her total foot-slave. She showed me her feet.

She-ba was a very demanding woman; she loved bossing me around, ordering me to do things around the classroom etc. She was an astonishing woman, way out of my league; but there I was, fully aroused, a trapped stag at the mercy of a grand lioness.

A deal with my teacher

When we arrived at her home, she told me to have a seat on the couch in the living room while she slipped into something "a bit more comfortable. I think it's time you learn your place honey. Friday, June 20, My Teacher's Feet. She was a tall "short hair" in her mids, intelligent and unmarried without kids, and thus spent most of her time focusing on her career as a teacher.

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