Where Is Triss Merigold Witcher 2
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Where is Triss Merigold? The events occur while playing The Assassins of Kings quest. The decisions you make at some point, have a direct effect on the main quest called Where is Triss Merigold? Before your fight against Letho, a cutscene triggered. Later, you fought Letho who defeated you, but he mentioned that he is looking for Triss to teleport him to Aerdin. The kingslayer wanted to grab her and force her to open a portal to Aerdin.


Collect experience for finding Cedric and decide which of the two options you would like to pursue.

Before he and Triss could do any further damage, Letho appeared, wounded Cedric, and made off with Triss for Aedirn. During this conversation, keep in mind that you will not be able to go through every conversation option, as you will be interrupted before finishing.

Lorveth's chapter 2 where is triss merigold (part 2) need help

There you will find Philippa. Now you must head out in search of Cedric. Article Options. First Name: Address:.

Where is triss merigold?

Talk to her and prepare for a bit of a perspective change. Our Newsletter details below to our list and receive our newsletter. Ask him about what Sile is planning and probe his brain a little on the kingslayers and the recent demise of King Foltest. You can either accept or refuse the drink without consequence. Naturally, the option you choose here will have far-reaching consequences in Act II.

If you chose Iorveth: Return to town from the shrine. You will find Dandelion caught in a desperate struggle to defend two elven women from several human attackers.

Here you will find Cedric. From here, enter meditation and drink a Cat potion.

Go around and speak to her. When you reach the stream that intersects the path, turn right and follow it to a lake with a waterfall.

All rights reserved. As he dies, Cedric will tell you how to further restore your memory.

Witcher 2 assassins of kings enhanced edition walkthrough: where is triss merigold quest

A feast has been arranged near the gallows in your honor. As you may guess, completing one of these quests will block the other quest out, and your decision here plays a big part in how Act II plays out. Part 3. He has been wounded and can be tracked by the trail of his blood. Article Series This article is part 17 of a 70 part series.

Conveniently enough, it involves paying a visit to Aedirn. Enter meditation and drink a Cat potion. Reading a note near her corpse sheds light on her apparent suicide.

Immediately upon entering Flotsam you will notice the chaos that has overtaken the city. Buildings lie in flame and NPCs riot in the streets. He will offer you a drink. This next section will cast you as Triss instead of Geralt.

Your greeting at Flotsam will be far different if you chose to help Roche over Iorveth. Part 1. Further questioning reveals that Cedric went limping off towards the forest after an apparent attack. Tell Dandelion that Triss may be in danger and he will agree to help search for her.

Other articles in this series are shown below:. Kill them before proceeding to the waterfall. Roche will accompany you back to the gates, where Loredo will meet you spouting praise your way.

Again, you can either attack them or use intimidation or Axii to quell them. Spread The Word del. Take your time and talk to whoever you like before heading off for the pub to track down Triss. Return to town from the shrine. Talk to Dandelion after the scuffle to learn about how the riots began.

As Cedric dies, Zoltan and Dandelion will approach you with news. There you will find Cedric. This mission plays out very differently depending on whether or not you chose to help Iorveth in the last mission. Search through the peephole to find a cowering prostitute by the name of Derae. Collect the experience points for finishing Where Is Triss Merigold?

Turn right at the stream and follow it to its endpoint at a lake with a waterfall.

Iorveth's path -- act ii: where is triss merigold?

As Cedric dies, Dandelion and Zoltan will approach you with a warning. Sile is nowhere to be found, but Margot is hanging around outside of the room. If you chose Roche: Your greeting at Flotsam will be far different if you chose to help Roche over Iorveth. Dandelion speculates that there must have been someone else in the room because all of the blood is too much for just one body.

Part 2. This will help you to easier see the blood splatters. He will explain what happened to Triss and point you in the direction of Aedirn, where if Geralt is lucky he will also be able to recover new fragments of his memory. Talk to them and agree to help them out, as you will eventually meet up with them again if you do. Take some time out to help the group of non-humans under attack in front of the gallows by either killing their attackers or persuading them to stop, and then go into the pub.

As you may remember from your earliest encounters with the Kayran, Triss had been suspicious of Sile upon their first meeting.

Ask her about Sile and the Lodge of Sorceresses. Run down the street towards the docks to find three dwarves in the middle of the street begging for help.

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Throughout all the Witcher games, Geralt and players are thrust into difficult decision-making spotlights that will decide the fate of many lives of the world, even.


The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Guide by gamepressure.


The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Guide by gamepressure.


Ori and the Blind Forest.