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We just sat back watching them. Ted went to get us a shot and as he came back he was totally naked. Ted and Sara started to make out and we could tell she was rubbing his cock as he was feeling her pussy. In fact as the drinks arrived they ordered another round of shots. She is a very beautiful woman and you could tell she liked to show off her body. We often hear them having friends over having a good time. I was the next to get in. I looked out in their back yard and mentioned how I would love to have a hot tub.

Intro: You and your girlfriend have been fantasizing about finding a bull for her for a long time now. I took it and sat back.

After-bar hot tub and fun

It was making me so hot. The story you clicked to read starts after the below paid advertisment.

Interactive chat story with 20 pictures, 55 videos and up to 50 minutes chatting time! We went in and Ted mixed up a drink and one last shot.

‘hot tub’ stories

We were watching and I could tell Greg was very turned on. The hot tub was small, only made for maybe six people so we were all very close to each other. He started ordering shots for all of us. I was drunk and my inhibitions were out the window. They are a very attractive couple that seemed like they spend a good amount of time in the gym.

As we walked in we noticed our neighbors playing some pool. Ted and Sara invited us in for one last drink. He got in and handed us all a shot. We quickly said no and that we were surprised we are doing it know.

In the hot tub-[sw]-partof-1

He leaned over and was rubbing my tits and pussy at the same time. Greg was starting to get a little bolder as they did. Every so often my parents will come in town and take the kids for a night.

I could tell he was getting really turned on by this. Greg got in and he was already sporting a semi hard cock. Chat with your girlfriend and her bull while he fucks her brains out!

I stepped up and as I was getting in the water I dropped my robe and but it on the side. The jets were on so I decided to open my legs just a bit to give him some access. I was nervous but very turned on. My husband Greg and I Katie finally had a night out without the. Ted sat down next to me and started to chat.

Cuckold fantasy type & probability assessment

We decided to go over and them. Ted put Sara on the side of the tub out of the water and started licking her pussy. He was telling me how great I look and it almost seemed like he was hitting on me.

We have been married for 9 years and still have a great sex life. Ted started to ask us if we ever have been naked in front of other couples. I was shocked to hear the words come out of my mouth.

Hot tub stories

Greg started to rub my leg under the water. We were looking so forward to our night out. Needless to say I needed some adult time. It was like watching a live porn. Ted was right next to me and I felt my leg brush his. I could feel the warmth of the hot tub mix with the warmth of the shot. Since Greg was busy I decided not to stop Ted.

After Greg and Sara finished their game we all decided to catch a cab together. It seemed to be half hard and it was already looking big.

It all started in the hot tub

As we got totally naked Greg came over and started to give me a deep passionate kiss. I was very impressed with his manhood. Greg and I went into the bathroom to undress. He has always had a good size cock but it almost felt bigger than normal. Greg and Sara were playing a game of pool and I noticed Greg checking out Sara.

Mine barely cover my ass. As we were heading home we decided to go to a bar near our home. As we walked out Ted was in a towel and Sara in a sheer white robe.

‘hot tub’ stories

Everything was going very nicely. As we started to chat I could tell Greg really was ready to have a good time. She finally found a hung guy online and after a few days chatting they will have their first date tonight. It was very dark out there with only a small light on the back of the hot tub.

Now without further delay, below is the official start of the story you clicked on. She put her head back and it was silent for a few. Ted and Sara are just about 10 years older than us but have always seemed like they still like to party. As I sat back my eyes began to adjust to the light.

I am 35 years old and 5'2" blonde hair, brown eyes and pounds and c cup breast. Sara started to talk about how they have fantasized about being in a hot tub with another couple. My husband works and I stay at home with the .

‘hot tub sex’ stories

It was feeling good. My husband made dinner reservation at one of our favorite restaurants.

As it turns out, the night gets much more exciting after dinner We hope you found that advertisement relevant. Sara was the first to jump in. He was a rock. I started to ask Sara what the fantasy ended like. We have two children 6 years old and a 2 year old.

Paid advertisements help keep this site free for all to use. As we got out we were all laughing and having a really good time. Sara went in her room and got me a robe. Our sex life changed after one crazy night in a hot tub.

I was very drunk by know. We were all having a great time. Greg was rubbing my pussy now. This went on for about an hour.

We looked at each other with a little nervousness. We all took the shot and that one really finished me off. She was almost naked right there.

After-bar hot tub and fun

We all went outside. We heard Ted and Sara out in the living room so we quickly put on our robes. It was such a turn on I almost wanted him to fuck me right there. She started to say how they would start to kiss and give there company a nice show. It was so hot to see them making there fantasy a reality. I put my leg over him and grabbed his cock. She was totally shaven and very big breast. She was just lying there moaning.

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We all stumbled out of the cab and began walking up the drive way while my friend Megan paid the driver.


I have dated a few women in my life, and had a fulfilling if rather ordinary sex life.


Natasha loved being on archive duty.

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I was on vacation at an all-inclusive, adults only resort in Punta Cana.