Wrinkled Penis Head
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The male reproductive system contains both internal and external components. The penis is an external organ of the male reproductive system. You may also hear the glans penis referred to as the head or the tip of the penis.


Do to know more. I had dryness on my penis head today I had applied coconut oil for dryness now.

Wrinkled penis head when soft: causes, solutions, treatment, attention to crevasses

Arun Antony Urologist Delhi. However we do have some procedures that give fantastic. It shall be normal in some days No need to worry Asked for Male, 22 Years 32 Views v. It has three parts: the root, which attaches to the wall of the abdomen; the body, or shaft; and the glans, which is the cone-shaped part at the Asked for Male, 29 Years Views v.

Do nothing. Hi I m facing wrinkles on my penis head from 1. Take homeopathic medicine. Could not find what to do.

Inflammation of the penis head and foreskin, or balanitis

Asked for Male, 20 Years Views v. Do direct online consultation for Do direct online cons I have best tips n remedies for this Asked for Female, 38 Years 60 Views v.

Apply betnovate Cream The question asked on this is a free question. Asked for Male, 30 Years Views v. After I m married I left all thoes things. Asked for Male, 21 Years Views v.

Q. my glans appears wrinkled and red. what could the issue be?

Keep it clean with soap n water Dry it gently 3 to 4 times a day Change undergarments twice daily Apply coconut oil Or good moisturizer cream If there r visible skin rashes, consult with relevant photographs for specific medications Possibility of infection is there but we need some photos and history to verify what exactly it is Asked for Female, 27 Years Views v.

Use candid cream 2 times a day Take fluconazole mg 4 tablets One tablet every alternative day For wife use same 4 tablets Asked for Male, 18 Years Views v. Thats after my marriage. Make sur Asked for Male, 32 Years Views v. Kamal M. Shah Dermatologist Mumbai.

Before marriage I had one exposer in spa wit a girls lik dry humping and hand job. As I masturbate more wrinkles grow. Home Consult with a doctor Dry wrinkled penis head I'm I have been masterbating for a year.

Everything you want to know about the glans penis

Do direct online consultation for d Asked for Female, 25 Years 56 Views v. Penis skin is wrinkled. Asked for Male, 24 Years Views v. The dark circles can be due to many reasons like genetic, dietary or due to inadequate sleep. If foreskin is tight, the glans head penis pops out like a swollen ball while retrieving skin.

Moisturize regularly and get 7- 8 hrs of uninterrupted sl Asked for Male, 20 Years 96 Views v. No burning or redness. My penis was fine earlier.

Hello dear. You are suffering from candidial balanoposthitis which is fungal infection of the foreskin and glans penis. With Ayurveda coupled with Counselling you can be ok in weeks time. My penis foreskin have wrinkles and have all around tears and when I try to open my penis it automatically gets close and its also dry the problem start with one tear.

U don't need to worry. It's common. I want to know this is any STD or just because of intercourse with my wife the skin changes. Please recommend. Itching and dry penis headwhite white skin coming out on penis head. Report to a sexologist for examination. Please tell me what to do.

Shaurya Rohatgi Dermatologist Mumbai. Kindly consult online for a detailed prescription Need to examine in office or at least a photo of affected area then only can adiye some treatment. Having itching from last 2 daysmy wife is also complaining about itching. My penis head is dry and it is difficult to pull. Hi, penis is the male organ used in sexual intercourse. You may be suffering from Erectile dysfunction. Hairfall needs proper evaluation and precise treatment. The skin of the penis head also wrinkled. You can ask a free health question by downloading the Practo app.

Moisturise well Consult online with relevant photographs for customised skin care products Asked for Female, 26 Years 25 Views v. Unfortunately undereye area is a very resistant problem that doesn't respond well to creams.

Dandruff can also cause hairfall. Don't worry there is a solution. But now the head is totally wrinkled.

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Share me some more details Asked for Male, 27 Years Views v. Asked for Male, 25 Years Views v. Your explanation of skin changes not understood. Do direct online consultation f Asked for Male, 25 Years 26 Views v. Cinabarris Asked for Female, 31 Years 50 Views v. Don't worry Specific medicine available for good control Treatment depends on the severity.

Asked for Male, 22 Years Views v. Few lines under the eyes are normal at your age.

It present as itching, red spots on glans, swelling and cracks on foreskin and inability to Asked for Male, 26 Years Views v. Narasimhalu Dermatologist Chennai. Asked for Male, 28 Years Views v. No intercourse.

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